Over the past 15 years, under the Three Wise Men and Mojility brands, we built a broad range of software projects for a wide array of companies.

Starting in 2014, our software team began focusing on building internal products and have ceased to do for-hire project work for outside organizations beyond a very select few.

Our focus since 2014 has been in helping other organizations improve their own software development capacities and expand their local workforce.

In the past, we had typically completed several projects each year, many confidential.

Our projects ranged in size from a few thousand dollars to seven-figures, and crossed many different technologies and industries:

  • ContinuousCoaching.ca: Knowledge management, investigation and planning tool for coaches.
  • Primr.io: High capacity group text messaging platform
  • OnlineReadingTutor.com™ Dyslexia Assessment Tool (Google Play Store, Apple App Store)
  • Quality Assurance, Data-Collection, Tracking and Reporting (iOS, Ruby)
  • Fire Systems Inspection and Reporting (iOS, Ruby)
  • Trails and Event Mapping: Web based map exploration tool (Ruby)
  • Field Technician: Web-based and desktop applications (Ruby, Java)
  • Reporting System: Dynamic PDF generation including integrating tables, charts, graphs (Ruby, Java)
  • Legacy Systems: Communications application for web application to legacy databases (Ruby, Java)
  • Route and Resources Planning: Web-based application (Ruby)
  • Digital Publications: Asset & content management (Ruby, Java)
  • Performance Audit and Server Request Re-work: Page render times reduced from 120 to 3 seconds (Various)
  • Social Networking: Facebook application (Ruby)
  • Web Services re-factoring: Performance enhancement (Java)