For projects spanning multiple mobile platforms, and targeting a native user experience, we can save organizations significant cost by employing our proprietary Mojility Framework.

The Mojility Framework is a cross-platfom toolkit that allows us to build a common core for all of your target platforms, allowing us to focus per-platform work on just the user and device interface. It provides local storage, validation, and data synchronization capabilities allowing off-line use of your applications.

This lowers your costs, reduces the risk of platform-specific bugs (limiting them to the user-interface), and accelerates adding new features to your family of apps.

Imagine the freedom of a common, well-tested application core in the following scenarios:

  • a family of task-focused apps used in different places throughout your organization
    • specialized data-collection situations
    • locking down devices to task-specific functions by locking them to a single app
    • separating administrative or management functions to simplify end-user experience and reduce training
  • roaming remote locations in the country, where access to cellular data is spotty or non-existent, and performing data collection tasks with full reliability and accurate time stamps
  • performing data collection on a noisy manufacturing floor where WIFI connectivity is intermittent at best, with full reliability and accurate time stamps

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