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  • Management Consulting

    Balance business and technical transformation.

  • Coaching and Training

    Uncover the hidden potential in your existing teams.

  • Continuous Coaching Platform

    Extend your reach with reusable content, and group coaching.

  • Primr Platform

    SMS group messaging platform for community agencies.

About Mojility

Mojility was originally founded as Three Wise Men by Stacey Vetzal in 2002 in Oshawa, Ontario.

Three Wise Men was named for the notion that so much disruptive technology in the world was imagined and prototyped by very small teams. That a small team of three could communicate clearly, and offer enough diverse perspective to effectively build extraordinary software systems. As years went on and the company grew, the number three also grew for us to represent the master, the journeyman, and the apprentice in our vision for apprenticeship as a provider of stable and continual growth and improvement for software organizations.

For 18 years we have serviced Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area as a software consultancy. Over that time we completed hundreds of projects for dozens of clients using a wide range of technologies. At our consulting peak, we reached annual revenue of about $1M with a core staff of about 10 people.

At the end of 2013 we rebranded as Mojility Inc. The name Mojility being a merging of mobile and agility, reflecting our focus on agile software development practices and mobile computing.

In 2014, we began winding down our commercial custom software operations in favour of refocusing on product development. We launched two core products - Primr, a SMS group messaging platform focused on privacy, and Continuous Coaching, a platform to assist professional coaches in strategy execution.

In 2016 we chose to focus on management consulting to help organizations balance technical practices during agile transformation, drawing upon Stacey's rich history of agile philosophy, team building, and enterprise consulting.

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